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Scottoiler Dual Injectors Automatically Oil Both Sides of the Sprocket and Motorcycle Chain

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Scottoiler is recognized around the world as a leader in motorcycle chain lube systems. For over 25 years the company has been manufacturing automatic motorcycle chain oilers, which are proven effective at extending the life of the chain. Invented by Fraser Scott, these effective oilers protect the chain against corrosion, rust and deterioration to optimize its efficiency.

The Importance of Lubrication

Maintaining a motorcycle chain is often considered the least important mechanical maintenance requirement. However, when it fails, it can make life on the road miserable. Along with oil changes and tire maintenance, keeping the chain well-lubricated can greatly diminish your chances of crippling your motorcycle. The motorcycle chain is responsible for the vital task of transferring the generated power of your engine to the real wheel. Proper maintenance and inspection is essential to ensure its optimal performance.

Oiling the Chain

Performing the task of oiling the chain can reduce friction, improve the performance and increase its longevity. The consensus of manufacturers and mechanics suggest that the chain needs to be lubricated every 200 miles or so. The demand for oil on the chain is to ensure that it reduces any chance of creating rust on the linkage that could cause degradation to any link. Just one degraded rusted link in the entire chain is all it takes to cause an unwelcome problem during operation.

Manually Oiling the Chain

Many motorcycle owners become frustrated with the task of having oil their motorcycle chain on a schedule. However, using the proper lubricants can significantly lengthen the life of the chain. Performing the job manually requires an extensive amount of time and equipment to do it properly. To ensure it is done when needed, some owners set a schedule to guarantee they remember to oil the chain whenever it has met or exceeded the accumulated miles.

Automatic Lubrication

A simple solution to the problem is to install a Scottoiler Kit that will continuously supply oil to your chain. The single biggest advantage of dual injector kit is added automatically performs the job with dual injectors. By continuously feeding a supply of oil to both sides of the chain you can be assured of an even disbursement on every link. Attempting to manually oil the chain on both sides is almost an impossible task, and can require a significant amount of time.

Optimal Testing Results

A Scottoiler dual injector kit provides the ultimate motorcycle chain lubrication. It is designed to oil each link from both sides without waste. The proven result of years of research and testing indicates that the Scottoiler dual injector will improve your motorcycle chain protection against erosion while increasing both its effectiveness and performance. By splitting the oil flow at the end of the dispenser of the system, it supplies both faces of the sprocket with oil and can continuously optimize the performance of the chain.

An Inexpensive Option

Installing a Scottoiler Dual Injector on your motorcycle is a simple process. During the months of July and August 2012, you can purchase any Scottoiler Kit and receive a Dual Injector add-on for free (normally retailing at £25).

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