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Nitron Shocks

Nitron Shocks

Designed in Oxfordshire using 3D CAD, Nitron shocks are machined from billet aluminium and hand built entirely in the United Kingdom. Every shock if fully serviceable and can be customised and adjusted to suite every rider, including customised spring and damping configurations.

Motorcycle, MX, Quad and ATV shocks are individually built to match the rider's weight and riding style. Every aspect of the rider and machine are considered; the result is truly unique suspension, built to exacting standards.

Nitron’s wide range of shocks are available with various levels of damping control. Every shock, right through to the entry level NTR Sport offer those who know about Nitron the chance to feel the difference with the same quality design and components used throughout the range. Whether it’s the rush of the TT you desire on your road bike or the cutting edge technology from LeMans prototypes on your track car – Nitron shocks deliver, every time and without compromise.

To discover the perfect solution for you, please select from the following options.

Recommended Service Intervals

The frequency of a recommended service varies according to the individual schedule received with the shock, however the recommended servicing schedules are detailed below. (For arduous Race use, the service time frames are dependent on application.)

Race Use: Every 10 - 15 hours 
Road/Track: 20,000 – 30,000 km / 12,000 – 18,000 miles

Shocks are serviced and rebuilt to ensure they perform at their optimum level throughout their operating life. The stresses and forces encountered with road and track riding or racing eventually begin to deplete the shearing ability of the oil within the shock which leads to a drop in damping performance.

A full inspection and service by either Nitron or an Authorised Nitron Service Centre is the only way to ensure your Nitron shock continues to perform at the same high level as it was designed to do when it left was brand new for many years to come.

If you need any advice on the correct type of service for your shock or have any other questions regarding servicing, please contact us.

Nitron warrants all its products and accessories against design and material defect for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Uniquely, Nitron offer a rolling 12 month parts and labour warranty on all shocks that are serviced by a Nitron Approved Service Centre.

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