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Reflective decals - French regulation

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Reflective decals - French regulation
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Brand: Bike Mods
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These decals are designed to make riders more visible during night riding. The are cut from highly reflective genuine Nikkalite® vinyl sheet, which is also used in the manufacture of street signs around the world.

Each pack contains 2 stickers which means you will need two packs to comply with the requirements. We sell in packs of two because some people prefer ordering two different designs or colours, if you want 4 of the same stickers just order two of the same pack.

The law passed in France states:

All helmets (riders and pillion) must have four reflective stickers: one on the front, one at the rear and one on each side. The surface of each sticker must be 1800mm2 and, within each sticker, you must be able to draw a 40mm diameter circle, or a 1250mm2 rectangle with a minimum of 20mm length the stickers should not be removable without damaging the helmet and must remain reflective over time. They must also be water resistant and not interfere with the opening and closing mechanism of the helmet (if applicable).

There is a lot of confusion as to whether this law applies to visitors or only residents, but it does apply to every single person on a motorcycle as indicated in this post.

All these reflective decals match and exceed the requirements in size, either having a rectangle with a side larger than 25mm or be able to fit a 40mm circle within the area.

Whether you are looking to make yourself more visable or want to visit france without the risk of loosing points and €135 spot fine these reflective helmet stickers are absolutly worth it.

As with all our products, if you want to customise or have your own design made please contact us. We do not charge for setup or any other fees.


  • On some forums peole have noted that lights point at the road and reflective material high up (on the helmet) would be pointless. One of the main ideas behind the reflective decals on a helmet is for riders that have gone down, lying in the road. In poor visability many riders get even more injuries or are killed from passing cars that do not see them. The stickers are also highly reflective which means even a smaller amounts of light will cause them to light up.
  • Some riders have noted that their helmet documentation says that placing stickers will result in the warenty being void. This is a bit of a catch 22 but greater visibility on the road and not having a fine and points deducted / license revoked is the flip side
  • Many riders have been putting reflective tape on their lids for many years before this law was made much like some riders use high vis jackets without any requirements.
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